The war for New York City heats up and Tanner and Joe Pullo find themselves targeted for death.


The Real Deal – A Tanner Novel – Book 26

Tanner goes about eliminating the Tanner clones who have popped up during his absence from New York City. One of them proves to be a tough opponent and Tanner is shocked when he discovers why.

Also, a mysterious new gang has moved into Manhattan with the intention of taking territory away from the Giacconi Family. Joe Pullo finds out the hard way that his rivals play rough.

AN I FOR AN I – A novel of mystery and suspense
Book Three in The Revenge Series

Erica and Owens are in Massachusetts, where they’re hunting a modern-day Boston Strangler. The murders are brutal and efficient, while lacking any sense of the strangeness that was the hallmark of their recent cases.

Meanwhile, a rash of accidents and murders occur across the country. The decedents are high profile criminals who were perceived by the public to have escaped justice. The FBI has classified the deaths as random acts, flukes, and tragic accidents, but Erica thinks there’s more to them than meets the eye and that a ruthless master manipulator is behind the slayings.

More murders occur as the twists and turns of the killer’s plan unfold, and even Erica is misled concerning his true motivation. When at last she’s face-to-face with her quarry, she’s forced to outwit him or die at his hands.

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In 2005, Tanner stumbles across a gang intent on committing a major robbery and comes to the aid of a young mother and her little girl. Meanwhile, the failed security chief of Tanner’s last target is determined to hunt him down and make him pay.

Caught between two groups out to kill him, Tanner must outsmart them both while keeping his innocent charges safe.

THE APPOINTMENT KILLER – A novel of mystery and suspense
Book Two in The Revenge Series

Erica and Owens return, as they hunt down a serial killer who lets the victims know the date they’re going to die.
Someone is killing men who seemingly have no connection to each other, and they’re being told the date of their deaths before they die. The murders are bizarre and the means to accomplish them are diverse.

When the killer feels they aren’t getting enough attention, they involve internet personality Ted Marx by revealing to Marx the name of the next victim. Marx is hungry to regain the fame he once enjoyed as a teenage actor in a sitcom, while also profiting from his involvement in the case.

In time, Marx becomes a suspect himself, along with three other people. Erica and Owens must traverse the twists and turns of the case to uncover the hidden truth that will reveal the killer. But first, they have to survive, as the investigation turns deadly.

All-Out War – A Tanner Novel – Book 25
Ordnance Inc. attacks when Tanner is most vulnerable, initiating an all-out war that will take everything Tanner has to win.

From REMINGTON KANE, the author of the Taken! Series
THE MAN, THE MYTH – A Tanner Novel – Book 24

The consequences of Tanner’s momentous decision make themselves known, as an enemy seeks to use a surrogate to destroy him.

Meanwhile, members of the law enforcement think tank Blue Truth delve into the century-old mystery of the assassin named Tanner, as they seek to discover if he’s a man or a mere myth.

A Man of Respect – A Tanner Novel – Book 23

Members of the Mafia’s commission deploy an unusual tactic to deal with Tanner’s murder of Boston mob boss Moss Murphy.

While visiting his brother in California, Tanner helps Stark take on a gang of murderous thieves.

JOHNNY REVENGEA novel of mystery and suspense
Book One in The Revenge Series

Jude Rowland, author of popular thriller novels, becomes the suspect in a bizarre series of murders. Jude claims he’s innocent, even as the evidence against him keeps piling up.

FBI Special Agent Erica Novac focuses on Jude even as she finds herself wanting to believe in his innocence. Is Jude Rowland a devious murderer playing a game only he knows the rules to, or is there an unseen hand framing Jude in an attempt to seek vengeance?

This is Book One in The Revenge Series


Young Tanner Seven takes a contract on the leader of a militia group that had a deadly run-in with members of the New York mob. Joe Pullo joins Tanner as they hunt down the man and his followers. As he grows closer to his target, Tanner discovers that there’s more at stake than the fulfilling of a contract.