A Man of Respect – A Tanner Novel – Book 23

Members of the Mafia’s commission deploy an unusual tactic to deal with Tanner’s murder of Boston mob boss Moss Murphy.

While visiting his brother in California, Tanner helps Stark take on a gang of murderous thieves.

JOHNNY REVENGEA novel of mystery and suspense
Book One in The Revenge Series

Jude Rowland, author of popular thriller novels, becomes the suspect in a bizarre series of murders. Jude claims he’s innocent, even as the evidence against him keeps piling up.

FBI Special Agent Erica Novac focuses on Jude even as she finds herself wanting to believe in his innocence. Is Jude Rowland a devious murderer playing a game only he knows the rules to, or is there an unseen hand framing Jude in an attempt to seek vengeance?

This is Book One in The Revenge Series


Young Tanner Seven takes a contract on the leader of a militia group that had a deadly run-in with members of the New York mob. Joe Pullo joins Tanner as they hunt down the man and his followers. As he grows closer to his target, Tanner discovers that there’s more at stake than the fulfilling of a contract.

YOUNG GUNS 8 – The End of the Beginning– A TANNER Series – Book 8 & the series finale

Vince Ryker returns, and he and his female apprentice wreak havoc while changing the lives of Spenser, Cody, and Romeo forever.

Young Guns — Legends are made, not born

YOUNG GUNS 7 – FIRST LOVE – Book 7 of the Young Guns Series.

Cody and Romeo face-off against a terrorist organization after taking a contract to kill its leader. In the midst of that, Cody falls in love, while Romeo reunites with a lost lover from his past.

After a plea for help arrives, Tanner goes to the aid of the granddaughter of Tanner Three.
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I’ve received comments from readers telling me that they relied on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program (KU) to read my books.

The truth is, sales on the other book sites are dismal. I had hoped to reach new readers, not alienate current ones. From now on I’ll start out new releases in Kindle Unlimited. That way those who rely on KU won’t be disappointed.



Young assassins Cody and Romeo seek to kill the leader of a cult whose taken refuge inside the impregnable fortress known as the Citadel.

Tanner and Sara help a friend after he and his mother become targets of a street gang.
YOUNG GUNS – Legends are made, not born

While Cody and Romeo finish their training in Indonesia, Spenser travels to Australia in search of Vince Ryker. Along the way, they’ll encounter danger and find love.


On Sale September 30th

On sale August 31.

What should have been a simple hit turns into a struggle to survive and a race against the clock for Tanner.


Young Guns 4 – Ryker’s Raiders is live!

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Now, here’s the Good News/Bad News. The good news is that I plan to write Tanner Novels more frequently, starting with TANNER 22 –  A Victim of Circumstances, which will be available as a Pre-Order soon. The bad news is that I’m taking a hiatus from writing the Taken! Series. How long that break will be I’m not sure, but likely a year or more.

I started 2018 writing five series, Tanner, Taken!, Blue Steele, Caliber Detective Agency & Ocean Beach Island. I’ve already ended Blue Steele, Caliber Detective Agency & Ocean Beach Island, which freed up time for me to write the new Young Guns Series. The Young Guns Series will be eight books long and I expect to end it sometime early in 2019. With Taken! going on hiatus that will leave Tanner the only active series and allow me more time to write new Tanner novels.

I’ll also be writing other books, which I’ve yet to decide on, but which will fall into the Thriller/Suspense/Mystery genres. I want to thank everyone who is a fan of the Taken! Series and hope you understand why I’m taking a break from it. I also think that book 20 in the series, No More Mr. Nice Guy, was a good book to pause on.

If I had the ability and time to do so I would write a hundred books a year, but I’m not that fast a writer and I tend to sleep at least a few hours most days. I will continue to write the best books that I can, and I hope you’ll continue to read them.



The boys help Spenser go after three targets at the same time, then find themselves being hunted by a group of mercenaries working for Vince Ryker.

Tanner discovers Tang’s connection with Dalton Geary.

YOUNG GUNS – Legends aren’t born, they’re made.