Author: Remington Kane

SPECTER – A Tanner Novel – Book 57   Tanner hunts down the fabled assassin, Specter, after the legendary killer claims another victim. Is Specter real? Or is he more myth than man? One thing is certain. Specter is deadly.

KILL THE ASSASSIN – A Tanner Novel – Book 56 After an assassin makes a failed attempt on their boss’s life, five bodyguards head off on a quest to capture or kill the man. When the hit man is revealed …


LIKE OLD TIMES – A Tanner Novel – Book 55 Tanner and Romeo team up to protect an old friend from England whose husband has become a target. When the threat escalates, Tanner faces off against the London mob.

SLOW BULLETS KILL QUICK – A TANNER NOVEL – BOOK 54 Tanner uses an unorthodox tactic to fulfill a contract on a target thought to be “Unkillable.”

TANNER 53 – BILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT A dying billionaire offers Tanner contracts on numerous targets, people who are the worst of the worst. Instead of going after them alone, Tanner gets help from a few of his friends.

THE XANDER PLAGUE Book Three of the UNLEASH Series & the Series Finale It’s the near future, and the world is spiraling toward disaster. Members of the Club, who think of themselves as the world’s elite, have brought about circumstances …


TANNER: YEAR TEN – A Tanner Series – Book 10 & The series Finale THIS BOOK IS A PREQUEL TO TANNER BOOK 1 – INEVITABLE I Tanner finds working for the Conglomerate profitable until there is a disagreement with the …


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THE NEW THING – A TANNER NOVEL – BOOK 52 Joe Pullo considers taking the Giacconi Family in a different direction when he’s offered an opportunity to join a revolutionary new crime syndicate.

TANNER: YEAR EIGHT – A Tanner Series – Book 8 Tanner wasn’t in love with Tonya Wilson but loved being around her. Like himself, Tonya had a secret she kept hidden. Tanner knew she wasn’t the simple personal assistant she …

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