TANNER: YEAR EIGHT – A Tanner Series – Book 8

Tanner wasn’t in love with Tonya Wilson but loved being around her. Like himself, Tonya had a secret she kept hidden. Tanner knew she wasn’t the simple personal assistant she claimed to be, and she was aware he was more than an average real estate investor.

Everyone has a secret, and Tanner could live with not knowing Tonya’s. But then she died in what police were calling a “Tragic accident,” and Tanner found himself mourning her loss.

But was it an accident, or was it murder? And if murder, what was the reason for it?
More importantly, who killed Tonya Wilson? Who took away yet another person Tanner cared about?
When Tanner went looking for answers, he discovered Tonya’s secret and the deadly reason why she was targeted for death.

No. Tanner hadn’t been in love with Tonya Wilson, but he’d be damned if he wouldn’t avenge her death and make every last person responsible for it pay with their own lives.

It’s Tanner on a rampage, and the guilty can run, but they can’t hide.