I’m releasing TAKEN! 20 – NO MORE MR. NICE GUY & TANNER 20 – REVELATIONS on the same day – Friday October 20th, 2017

UPDATE: Progress on TANNER 20 slowed over the past week due to health problems (Fever, chills, headache, body aches and an overall crappy feeling). I’ll need to change the release date to October 27th. On the other hand, TAKEN! 20 is completed and will be released on October 13th, a week earlier than expected.

I apologize for the delay.

An old enemy resurfaces and wreaks havoc on Mr. White by targeting his family and friends.

His one hope of fighting back requires him to unleash the monster within, an act that may change him forever.

When an enemy delves into Tanner’s past, they uncover long-buried secrets that rock Tanner’s world. The revelations usher in grief, as well as unexpected joy.


There are huge happenings in both books that will bring changes to Mr. White & Tanner.


Caliber Detective Agency – Book 8 – We Are Gathered Here Today is live.

Christopher makes a life-changing decision.
Sammy Sloan goes to work for Pruitt/Carver. Then, the Calibers and Pruitt/Carver butt heads over the same case.
The wedding of Jake and Kelli.

THE MAN –  A Tanner Short Story is available now and exclusive to INNER CIRCLE members.

THE MAN is the fourth and final chapter of THE CONGLOMERATE tale and joins the previous Tanner short stories, QUICK, A LITTLE OFF THE TOP, and THE PITCH.

THE MAN is located inside THE CONGLOMERATE and is the final chapter of that book. I’ll be deleting the separate short stories soon and leave only THE CONGLOMERATE, which will contain all four of the short stories.

My thanks to the INNER CIRCLE Members, and you can be sure that more exclusive content is on the way.

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TANNER – Book 19 – One Hundred Years of Tanner

During a visit to see Spenser in Wyoming, Tanner and Spenser discuss the first Tanner.
And after Spenser is contacted by a client, Tanner and Romeo tag along to lend a hand.

ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF TANNER – A Tanner Novel – Book 19


Jessica goes head to head with a legendary serial killer, The King of Killers, who once bested her famed father. As if hunting one monster wasn’t enough, Mr. White must track down an escaped convict who will do anything to stay free.



My Romantric Suspense novel, The Fix-It Man is FREE until June 19th.

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Sometimes the only passion in life is a desire for vengeance. The Fix-It Man – A tale of true love and revenge.


Slay Bells, the prequel to the TANNER Series is no longer for sale and will be exclusive to Inner Circle Members.

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I was shocked when I realized it’s been three years since I wrote a new Caliber Detective Series book. I immediately made room in my schedule to write not only one new Caliber, but two of them.

CALIBER DETECTIVE AGENCY – LEGENDARY – Book 7 is available on Amazon, while Book 8 will be out this summer.

The FIX-IT MAN is a novel I wrote years ago, before TAKEN!, before TANNER. I would classify it as Romantic-Suspense.

Anyway, I recently re-read it and decided to give it a new cover.

While there is no Tanner in it, there is some action, a serial killer, and a clandestine vigilante organization.

The FIX-IT MAN – A Tale of True Love & Revenge


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