Young Guns 4 & Other News

Young Guns 4 – Ryker’s Raiders is live!

There’s also a new Tanner Short Story, THE BULLY, available only for Inner Circle Members. If you’re not an Inner Circle Member and would like to become one, please click HERE!

Now, here’s the Good News/Bad News. The good news is that I plan to write Tanner Novels more frequently, starting with TANNER 22 –  A Victim of Circumstances, which will be available as a Pre-Order soon. The bad news is that I’m taking a hiatus from writing the Taken! Series. How long that break will be I’m not sure, but likely a year or more.

I started 2018 writing five series, Tanner, Taken!, Blue Steele, Caliber Detective Agency & Ocean Beach Island. I’ve already ended Blue Steele, Caliber Detective Agency & Ocean Beach Island, which freed up time for me to write the new Young Guns Series. The Young Guns Series will be eight books long and I expect to end it sometime early in 2019. With Taken! going on hiatus that will leave Tanner the only active series and allow me more time to write new Tanner novels.

I’ll also be writing other books, which I’ve yet to decide on, but which will fall into the Thriller/Suspense/Mystery genres. I want to thank everyone who is a fan of the Taken! Series and hope you understand why I’m taking a break from it. I also think that book 20 in the series, No More Mr. Nice Guy, was a good book to pause on.

If I had the ability and time to do so I would write a hundred books a year, but I’m not that fast a writer and I tend to sleep at least a few hours most days. I will continue to write the best books that I can, and I hope you’ll continue to read them.



4 comments on “Young Guns 4 & Other News
  1. Judith Kaplan says:

    Please take your rest, and I know you will come back “fast and furious.” I love all of your books.

  2. Denise Herzog says:

    I love the Taken! series, I am glad you are just taking a hiatus. I look forward to the continuing Tanner adventures. I hope you will include some more group stories because they are a lot of fun. Thank you for all your works. Good luck with the new books.

  3. Remington Kane says:

    Thank you, Denise. I appreciate it.

  4. Remington Kane says:

    Oh, I’ll probably be writing more than ever, Judith. I’m just taking a break from the Taken! Series for awhile so I can write other things. I still manage to be lazy sometimes, don’t worry about that.