The Real Deal – A Tanner Novel – Book 26

Tanner goes about eliminating the Tanner clones who have popped up during his absence from New York City. One of them proves to be a tough opponent and Tanner is shocked when he discovers why.

Also, a mysterious new gang has moved into Manhattan with the intention of taking territory away from the Giacconi Family. Joe Pullo finds out the hard way that his rivals play rough.

2 comments on “THE REAL DEAL – TANNER 26
  1. WyckedSister says:

    Hello there.
    I was on Amazon looking for books to read when I came across your Tanner series. I also saw that there appears to be what I’d call off-shoot series related to the main series?
    Do you have a reading order somewhere? Or at least a suggested reading order that you or one of your fans compiled?
    Thanks for your time & much success to you!

  2. Remington Kane says:

    I want to thank you for reading my books.

    You can read Tanner 1-26 first. Book 26 was released today with Book 27 coming out on October 29th.

    After that, there is the Young Guns series. Young Guns follows Tanner’s early life while also including stories that take place in the present. That is an eight book series that has ended.

    The Tanner Year series picks up where Young Guns leaves off. I’m currently writing it and expect to publish Tanner: Year Three soon.

    There’s also a fourth series involving Tanner. It’s the Taken!/Tanner series and currently consists of three books. It combines Tanner and the characters from one of my other series, Taken! These can be read last.

    As you can see, I enjoy writing about Tanner.

    I hope this helps.