4 comments on “TAKEN! Box Set – Books 1-4 FREE!
  1. Edward McNeil (Eddie) says:

    I think that there might be a mix up. The Taken box set of novels 1-4 is not coming up as free, everywhere I click or get redirected I wind up at Amazon and the price is $8.99 and I was excited to get to read a new author for me.

  2. Remington Kane says:

    Hi Edward,

    The book is no longer free because this is an old post and the deal has ended.
    The book SLAY BELLS – A Tanner Novel – Book 0 is free until tomorrow.

  3. Susan Martin says:

    I received the first set of 1-4 books free from Amazon in the Taken series and they were sooo good. Infact, so good I purchased the next 3 sets. I just completed #5, and WOW, you don’t disappoint. I can’t seem to put it down. You have now become my favorite writer of all time.

  4. Remington Kane says:

    Thank you for all the kind words, Susan.

    TAKEN! 19 will be out soon, and Mr. White and Jessica are also in UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Taken!/Tanner – Book 2, which will be out on the 18th.