REVELATIONS – Book 20 of The TANNER Series

When an enemy delves into Tanner’s past, they uncover long buried secrets that rock Tanner’s world. The revelations usher in grief, as well as an unexpected joy.

4 comments on “REVELATIONS – TANNER 20
  1. Brenda D, Jones says:

    Where’s my free book at? I was expecting a copy of one of the Tanner Collection’s. Please by all means do send it. One Love Bj

  2. Remington Kane says:

    Hi, BJ.

    Are you writing to me concerning The Inner Circle? If so, email me at and I’ll send you the password.

  3. Tere says:

    Excellent book as always! As you see, I finished again, and your changes were very well hidden.

  4. Remington Kane says:

    Hi, Tere. I tweak and tweak during the final edits. Glad you liked it.