Please be patient. We’re under construction.

Hello TANNER & TAKEN! fans,

As you can see, I’m making changes to the website. Actually, a talented man named Faus is making the changes. I’m lucky I can spell the word website.

In any event, the new REMINGTON KANE website will be up and running soon.

For those of you who are Mailing List Members, please be patient and you’ll be able to access that area of the site soon.

I thank you all for your patience.

A Quick Note: TAKEN! –  Intentional Acts of Violence will be going up as a Pre-order on June 11th. It will go on sale on June 29th.





6 comments on “Please be patient. We’re under construction.
  1. Jack keville says:

    Love the book.They are a I have been reading for the past two weeks. Please keep them coming.

  2. Remington Kane says:

    Thanks for reading my books, Jack. There will be a new TAKEN! out on June 29th.

  3. ROGER says:


  4. Remington Kane says:

    Hi Roger,

    TAKEN!/TANNER 2, BOUNTY OF BLOOD, will be out in July, while TANNER 16, TO KILL A KILLER will be out in August.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Searching for Bounty of Blood can not find it anywhere on the web!! Help!!!!

  6. Remington Kane says:

    Hi Stephanie, BOUNTY OF BLOOD has been delayed but is still in the works. Sorry for the delay.