THE MAN – A Tanner Short Story

THE MAN –  A Tanner Short Story is available now and exclusive to INNER CIRCLE members.

THE MAN is the fourth and final chapter of THE CONGLOMERATE tale and joins the previous Tanner short stories, QUICK, A LITTLE OFF THE TOP, and THE PITCH.

THE MAN is located inside THE CONGLOMERATE and is the final chapter of that book. I’ll be deleting the separate short stories soon and leave only THE CONGLOMERATE, which will contain all four of the short stories.

My thanks to the INNER CIRCLE Members, and you can be sure that more exclusive content is on the way.

Also, check your email on August 18 when I announce the release of CALIBER DETECTIVE AGENCY book 8. There will be a new giveaway revealed on that day.

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6 comments on “THE MAN – A Tanner Short Story
  1. Jim says:

    I have already signed up for the inner circle but cannot figure how to read “The Conglomerate” . Unfortunately I am not that computer literate.

  2. Remington Kane says:

    Hi Jim,

    The link will take you to BookFunnel. BookFunnel has a HELP button at the top of the page which will help you navigate the process.


  3. RG says:

    What link? There isn’t one in the email or the posting here I can see.

  4. Remington Kane says:

    Hi RG,

    In the post, the word HERE is capitalized and highlighted. That’s the link. Click on it and you’ll be able to join the INNER CIRCLE.

  5. Lisa Gamble says:

    I’m still not able to find a link I’m already a member

  6. Remington Kane says:

    Hi Lisa,

    At the top of this website is a tab marked INNER CIRCLE. Click on that and enter the password using all capital letters.

    If you don’t remember it or have lost the password, email me at