A cure for the Monday Blahs

Check your email INNER CIRCLE Members. I just sent three randomly selected members of my Inner Circle a $50.00 Amazon gift card.

More prizes and freebies coming soon, as well as an exclusive TANNER SHORT STORY.

Thanks to all of you in the Inner Circle. I appreciate the support.


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2 comments on “A cure for the Monday Blahs
  1. Melody W. says:

    I am anxiously awaiting for my pre-orders. I have read all the Tanner & Taken Series (twice)that you have published, along with the short stories the Inner Circle is privy too. I loved them all with the exception of Desolation Lake (just liked it), which didn’t hold me as captive as your other books. I am interested to know if you will write another TAKEN/TANNER book, and also to find out what becomes of Tanner and Sarah…what is Mr. White’s real name (did I miss it because I was in too much of a hurry to get to the next page? How do the twins grow up? What about Sam Jr, does he ever find happiness again? What about the Caliber family or the Steele’s growing family?

  2. Remington Kane says:

    I’m planning to write a third TAKEN!/TANNER book this summer, along with TAKEN! 20 & TANNER 20.

    Mr. White’s real name has never been revealed, but he sure doesn’t like it.

    All the other questions will be answered in future books if I live long enough to write them all.

    Cheers, Melody, and thanks for reading my books.