Author: Remington Kane

TANNER 45 – HYENAS IS AVAILABLE Tanner accepts a challenging contract.

HUNTED – A Mr. White Novel – Book 2 Mr. White is hunted by an enemy who has a connection to Samantha and a reason to want them both dead.

The new Tanner novel is here!  LIT FUSE – A TANNER NOVEL – BOOK 4 Tanner finds himself in a city being torn apart by a riot.

My newest book is TANNER: YEAR FIVE. In 2008, after learning that Joe Pullo was targeted to be killed, Tanner returns to New York City. Tanner soon discovers that the motive behind the attack on Pullo was more complicated than …


SOULLESS – TANNER 43 Tanner and Soulless face off as they’re each offered a contract to kill the other. However, the real threat comes from the person who is manipulating events from behind the scenes.

SINS OF THE FATHER AND MOTHER – A Tanner Novel – Book 42 Tanner agrees to help friends of Spenser, who specialize in finding missing people. And the past catches up to Michael and Kate Barlow.

THE EVIL OF TWO LESSERS – A Tanner Novel – Book 41 Tanner is under assault by several enemies at once.

STALKING HORSE – A Tanner Novel – Book 40 An unseen enemy seeks Tanner’s death.

PAST IMPERFECT – A Mr. White Novel – Book 1 Jessica White and her exceptional husband return in a new series.

TO SERVE AND PROTECT – A TANNER NOVEL – BOOK 39 Tanner agrees to be an auxiliary cop during Stark’s Fall Festival. When serious trouble arises, it’s up to Deputy Cody Parker to deal out law and order.