TANNER 17 – WHITE HELL is FREE today (4/28/2017) and featured on FREEBOOKSY.com, along with other Free books.

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2 comments on “WHITE HELL – TANNER 17 is FREE
  1. David Woodstein says:

    I have just got thru reading book # 4 #5 #6 of the Callber Detective Agency so I have finished reading all the Taken and Tanner plus all the other books. All I have left to read are King of killers, No more mister nice get, and International acts of violence. I think that there are more books of the Blue Stell series and the Caliber detective agency. If they are would you send me an e male and let me no what the names of them are. I have really like your writing and the way you narrate your books and the subject matter. Keep up the good work you have an avvied reader now Thank you and God bless. I am a senior reader and I get all my reading on my kindle fire reader for $ 9.99 a month so I was able to read all your books free.

    • Remington Kane says:

      Hi David,

      Thank you for reading my books. If you’re looking for a complete list of them, just click on the heading marked BOOKS on this website. There, you’ll find a complete list, along with links to the books. The King of Killers is the next TAKEN! novel. It should be available by next month.

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